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SAVMA President-Elect

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

In veterinary school, one of the coolest things I have been able to get involved with has been the Student American Veterinary Medical Association, SAVMA for short. For those that are not familiar, every AVMA-accredited veterinary school has a SAVMA chapter. The AVMA is the organized medical group that represents veterinarians on Capitol Hill and elsewhere across the country. The student chapter acts as local representation at each school, relaying important messages, scholarships, resources, and leadership opportunities to the students. At Purdue, SAVMA acts as an umbrella organization to the rest of the veterinary clubs like VBMA, Pathology club, etc.

Top: Kristi Crow (2018-2019 SAVMA Purdue President), Matt Schiffman (2018-2019 SAVMA Purdue President-Elect). Bottom: Kayla Hoenert (2018 Junior Delegate), Will Willis (2018 Senior Delegate)

During the fall of my first year, I was elected as the First Year Representative and then at the end of the academic year, was elected for President-Elect. I served as the President-Elect my second year where I had the opportunity to represent the PVM student body on a chapter and national level, participate in advocacy for the profession, lead student-wide fundraising and philanthropy projects, and network with other veterinary students and veterinary professionals.

Left to Right: Kristi Crow (2018-2019 SAVMA President), Matt Schiffman (2018-2019 SAVMA Purdue President-Elect), Kayla Hoenert (2019 Senior Delegate), Amanda Martin (2019 Junior Delegate)

Serving as the President-Elect of Purdue has provided me with a chance to strengthen my leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. I look forward to continue this year as the SAVMA President of PVM, continuing to work alongside my fellow students in advocating for our profession and providing amazing learning opportunities for all our students!

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