The Clinic Notebook

The Clinic Notebook is the perfect template for medicine, professional growth, and wellness. Designed for clinics, The Clinic Notebook will help you keep organized case notes, set goals, and provides opportunities for self reflection. The best part? The Clinic Notebook will fit in the pocket of your white coat!


What's in The Clinic Notebook?

1) Case Presentation Templates - enough for ~30 cases

(Signalment, Presenting Complaint, History, Physical Exam Findings, Differentials & Diagnostics, Treatment & Plan)

2) Quick medical reference page for easy access

(ex: TPR, fluid types, fluid rates, resting energy requirement formulas, etc.)

3) Monthly and Weekly Calendars

4) A place to plan and record your goals

5) Motivational quotes and opportunities for self-reflection

6) Brain breaks

We do offer the option to order in bulk (15+ notebooks) and are also open to fundraising opportunities with veterinary student organizations. If either of those opportunities interest you or your school’s organizations, please fill out the Contact Me form or email me at

Notebooks are available to purchase for $21 per notebook with FREE shipping.  Visit the Shop to order.

We are always reviewing the Clinic Notebook to make sure it has everything you need to help you through clinical rotations.  We would love to hear some feedback and hear from you what you like about The Clinic Notebook, and what you would like to see in the future! Fill out the Clinic Notebook Feedback Survey! 

Interested in a behind the scenes look at the process of creating The Clinic Notebook? Check out this article published on DVM360!