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Summer in Chicago

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Left to Right: Joe Whalen (Senior Partner, Companion Animal Hospital Group), Matt Schiffman (3rd year Veterinary Student, Purdue), Dan Markwalder (Senior Partner, Companion Animal Hospital Group), Scott Peterit (Senior Partner, Companion Animal Hospital Group)

During the summer of 2019, I had the opportunity to spend one month at a group of hospitals in the Chicago area: the Animal Care Clinic and Companion Animal Hospital Group. I visited over 9 hospitals all across Chicagoland, where I got to know each of the practices, the outstanding medicine they all provide, their core values (positivity, integrity, client obsessed, teamwork and communication) and even learned some veterinary business and ownership tips.

While externships in veterinary medicine are commonly done during 4th year clinical rotations, Animal Care Clinic and Companion Animal Hospital Group welcome students before their 4th year, to further help students find what interests them most about veterinary medicine, and provide them with opportunities to gain that experience.

Dr. Dan Markwalder and Dr. Adam Conroy of Animal Care Clinic and Markroy Consulting, are outstanding veterinarians that value leadership and mentorship. Mentorship is crucial to newly graduating veterinarians and first jobs, as the first 2 years of practicing will set the foundation for the medicine that you will practice for the rest of your career. That first job right out of veterinary school needs to be in a mutually beneficial environment that provides excellent mentorship, has core values that match yours, and will help you accomplish your goals. This is is something that Dr. Dan and Dr. Adam stressed to me while on my externship. Their passion to mentor and teach the younger generation as we matriculate through veterinary school and into the work force is infectious. Just in the few weeks I spent with Dr. Dan and Dr. Adam, I was blown away by their commitment, passion and leadership. I cannot wait to visit them again!

Left to Right: Kathy Anderson (Managing Partner of Companion Animal Hospital of Norridge), Matt Schiffman (3rd Year Veterinary Student, Purdue), Megan Murray (Veterinarian at Companion Animal Hospital of Norridge)

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