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Our story begins on the campus of Pennsylvania State University with The Penn State Thespian production of Legally Blonde in the Fall of 2015. Both Matt and Emily were involved in different technical aspects of the production, but had frequently crossed paths in the day to day planning and rehearsals.The two would become friends while working on the production, but there was an unspoken understanding and palpable chemistry between the two of them. Those feelings would go untapped until a Thespian party brought them together for a...well...we can just leave that there. 

After a couple of months of fun, the two shared a conversation on a park bench outside of the Willard building. As the story goes, each came to that park bench ready to take a step, but only in opposite directions. The one date they had at Noodles & Co during that time would be their only one while at Penn State, until the two rekindled their spark a few years later.

Fast forward three years, Matt had just finished his first year in veterinary school at Purdue and Emily had just moved to Brooklyn for a summer internship after finishing her junior year at Penn State. Once Matt learned that Emily was moving to Brooklyn, he wasted no time in asking her to dinner. The two met for pizza on the night that Emily literally finished moving into her Brooklyn apartment. Matt was dressed in light blue khaki shorts and a white/light blue button down shirt to match, and Emily was dressed in black leggings in a tank top. Was this a date? Or was this two friends reconnecting and just getting dinner?

Ok, let's try this date thing again...That next week, Matt had asked Emily to meet for drinks at the Magic Hour Rooftop in Midtown Manhattan. It was not until Emily got off the train at Times Square and while on a call with her mom, she realized this was a date! So alas, Emily and Matt had an excellent time at Magic Hour - enjoying margaritas and playing mini-golf. The two dated the entire summer, and on August 8th 2018, Matt officially asked Emily to be his girlfriend.

Matt and Emily would start their relationship long distance, with Matt entering his second year in vet school and Emily her senior year at Penn State. The two would often meet in the middle for weekends together in Columbus, OH and Cleveland, OH while other weekends were spent at Penn State and Purdue. When Emily graduated Penn State in 2019, Emily moved to Brooklyn and started full time employment as photographer/graphic designer, while Matt continued on in veterinary school. When Matt graduated in May 2021, the two moved in together to Downtown Jersey City. 

Life in Jersey City has been nothing short of fantastic. From the spectacular views of Manhattan's Financial District, to all the cozy coffee shops and bakeries, the two have fallen in love with this city. Everyday you could walk by them on the street while walking Ducky and catch one of them saying "I love where we live." They love JC so much that it was no brainer for Matt to propose to Emily on Saturday April 2nd 2022 at one of the most iconic and historic spots in Jersey City - Liberty State Park 


We cannot wait to show you our fantastic city and celebrate our marriage. 

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